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» day thirty-one


Rating: Mature
Overall Summary: AoKaga Month prompt

Day Thirty-One Prompt: lasts/birthday
Chapter Summary: He never expected to be friends with Kagami. Sure they were two sides of the same coin, but due to that he felt it’d be the reason why the two of them wouldn’t be able to get along. Luckily for him, he was dead wrong.


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» day twenty-seven


Rating: MA
Overall Summary: Combination of 30 Day NSFW OTP Challenge & AoKaga Month prompts.

Day Twenty-Seven Prompts: scratching, spanking & red
Chapter Summary: He never really appreciated the color red on Kagami till several occasions. One being the time he was wearing his red Touou t-shirt to bed when he slept over his house. Another time when he forcibly got his face painted as the devil at a festival they went to. And his favorite time when he was spanking him to the point of tears and his usually tan ass was a beautiful shade of red.


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» day thirty


Rating: MA
Overall Summary: Combination of 30 Day NSFW OTP Challenge & AoKaga Month prompts.

Day Thirty Prompts: vacation sex & one-on-one
Chapter Summary: Either way they wanted alone time and his parents obviously didn’t get the hint. So here they were attempting to have the quietest sex out of their whole relationship. It was going well till Kagami actually put his dick in Aomine, and even though his moan was probably quieter than a mouse, the redhead shushed him and this is where we are now. 


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» day twenty-nine


Rating: MA
Overall Summary: Combination of 30 Day NSFW OTP Challenge & AoKaga Month prompts.

Day Twenty-Nine Prompts: phone sex & hear
Chapter Summary:  ”Don’t tell me you called me while you were jacking off?”

His hand paused on his dick. “Alright, I won’t tell you.”


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» day twenty-eight


Rating: MA
Overall Summary: Combination of 30 Day NSFW OTP Challenge & AoKaga Month prompts.

Day Twenty-Eight Prompts: roleplaying (teacher & student) & winter
Chapter Summary: The taller boy continued to laugh anyway, looking him dead in the eye. “Or what? You’re gonna bend me over this desk and punish me Mr. Kagami?” He glared at him at first, till a dangerous glint in his crimson eyes stopped Aomine’s laughter full force. He was going to do just that. 


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» day twenty-six


Rating: MA
Overall Summary: Combination of 30 Day NSFW OTP Challenge & AoKaga Month prompts.

Day Twenty-SIx Prompts: each other’s clothes & found 
Chapter Summary: Kagami easily got over the fact that his boyfriend went through his things without his permission. But only because he was wearing his middle school jersey and only his middle school jersey.


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[黒子のバスケ] Beasts - - Aomine x Kagami


Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko’s Basketball
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga, Kuroko Tetsuya


I am lying to myself pretending that I really haven’t fallen in love with someone else… and what’s worse is that that someone else is none other than Aomine…

That bastard…

I keep pondering; trying to remember the moment… the moment when he became more than just a rival… more than what he was destined to be in my life but after much thinking I realized that there wasn’t just a moment… no, not just a moment but many moments that lead up to that point…

I came to the conclusion it was something destined to happen since the first time I met him on that court where he asked for a one-on-one…

After that everything that happened was inevitable and that’s why I hate it because I feel like I had no choice in the matter… my body… the emotions in me did this without permission or consent.

I looked at his lips and could only think to myself about how enticing they were and before I could stop it my mouth spoke the words that I have wanted to say for so long…

"Kiss me…"


Okay, so yeah here it is. i wrote it… well the first part. next chapter though is the smut lol xD! 

why must i be such a hentai ?! o.o 


Summary: Despite being amazing on the court and rising in popularity, 18-year-old college student Kagami Taiga is an anxiety-having introvert. Large crowds are disconcerting and communication with those he isn’t used to can put a strain on him. So if you ever see him, expect to see him by himself or with his close friends.
However, his introverted ways seem to disappear when basketball is involved, times like that, it’s as if he’s in a totally different world and somehow nothing else matters. But once the games are over and the final score is set, Kagami is dropped back into the real world and he can’t leave it fast enough. So after winning matches he would rather go home and watch some anime, maybe relax and cook instead of going out, getting drunk, and “celebrating” - if you can even call it that - with his team. And they’re used to it at this point, his team has learned to accept his cute, though slightly off-putting, ways. But when they win the All Japan Intercollegiate Basketball Championship, they are not about to take no for an answer.

Kagami WILL celebrate with them.

Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, un-beta’d, Humor, Underage Drinking, Explicit Language, Recreational Drug Use, Smut, Porn With Plot, First Time, Bathroom Sex and so much more NSFW things, Oh and don’t forget the fluff

Word Count: 14565 (which is why this thing is a link and not a “read more” post)

Everything else on the link page just know this bad boy was a killer. And please do enjoy.

» Digital Memories


Title:  Digital memories
Pairing(s): Aomine and Kagami
Rating: R-18
Word Count: ~5,000
Summary:  Kagami believes that Aomine always has ulterior motives, especially when he starts recording their daily routines at the beach.
Note(s):  Even though I’m late for Aomine’s birthday and AoKaga month is over, I’d like to say that aokaga never dies for me, even if I stop writing garbage like this, I will never forget my boys <3
ps. this was a 900 word drabble before i decided to add ” a little” extra to it… “a little” became 4k words and this is why i cant stand me smh
Warning(s): blow jobs, rimming, bcuz said action is important, esp on aomine

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“Of all the places you could have picked, you picked here…”

“We’ve been coming here for weeks and you’re just now complaining?”

“Yes. I am complaining now. And get that fucking camera out of my face.”

Aomine frowned, lowering his phone for a moment just as Kagami pressed his hands to the lens. “Can you stop that?”

“I don’t see why you need to record this.” Kagami huffed, ducking his head beneath a particularly low plank on the pier he was currently walking under.

“Memories.” Aomine lifted the camera back up, focusing on the back of Kagami’s head as the height of the pier got lower and lower the further in they ventured away from the shore.

Kagami turned back, sending him an unimpressed glare while crouching lower in order to keep moving. “I didn’t think you were so forgetful.”

“I’m not.” Aomine ducked, his feet sinking into the sand with every unbalanced step. “And slow down. It’s hard to walk and record at the same time…”

Kagami stopped moving and turned around so suddenly Aomine almost didn’t stop in time. Staring at his phone’s screen, Aomine raised an eyebrow as Kagami stared back - at the phone anyway. “Then stop recording.”

“I don’t wan- Oi! Kagami!”

In a flurry of colors and a bit of muffled cries, Kagami managed to wrestle Aomine’s phone away from him, pointing it at his face. “Say hi to the camera, Ahomine.”

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» Forever By [For AoKaga Month - Prompt: Lasts/Birthday]


Title: Forever By

Summary: The journey of Daiki and Taiga, abridged.

Prompt: Lasts/Birthday.

Author’s Note & Warning(s): Since it is a journey, please be prepared for anything. I wanted to actually do a more comical take on it, but… my plans never really work nowadays.

Also, the title is partly (I kid you not) taken from the song ‘Forever By Your Side' by The Manhattans. It's honestly a very nice love song, though I wasn't thinking of it until I was posting the story here. Read the lyrics if you'd like :)

Word Count: 5,218

Daiki closes the door of his room, lingering on the doorknob and wonders if he has made the right decision.

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» day twenty-five


Rating: MA
Overall Summary: Combination of 30 Day NSFW OTP Challenge & AoKaga Month prompts.

Day Twenty-Five Prompts: getting high & electric 
Chapter Summary:  The taller boy still couldn’t fathom the fact that him and Kagami even agreed to smoke with the guys they finished playing streetball with. But then again they were in Los Angeles and there’s that saying about doing as the Romans do. He may be Japanese, but he’ll be Roman for a day just to try out some drugs.


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» [AoKaga] They Don’t Have Maji Burger in America


AoKaga Month / Day 31/Prompt 31 (Lasts/Birthday)
They Don’t Have Maji Burger in America
In the weeks leading up to Kagami’s departure, Aomine took every chance he got at making some snide comment about him returning to L.A. for school – “I guess even idiots have to go to college, huh.”
Notes: Happy Birthday Aomine! I finally write something for AoKaga month and it’s on the last day. orz
Read: Here or under the cut.

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» 「AoKaga Month Day 31- Birthday」


Title: Take Me (Under)
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Pairing: AoKaga
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1648

A/N: It’s still Aomine’s birthday where I live so this counts amirite? [sweats] this is just a really bad pwp which involves the murder of many fruits so please if you’re sensitive to that do not read (i’m kidding please read)

[ fanfic ] || [ Ao3 ]

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